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The Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association (FIPA) is an organization for individuals who work in and/or are associated within the Industrial Pretreatment (IP) profession.
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The Robert E. Heilman Pretreatment Program Award and the John Parnell Award The Robert Heilman award serves to commemorate the efforts of Robert Heilman, P.E. in establishing communication and education to enhance industrial pretreatment programs in the State of Florida.  This award will be presented to Florida industrial pretreatment programs that show a dedication to promoting the FIPA goals of enhanced education and utilize innovative communication and regulatory approaches to achieve compliance and protect the environment. http://fipaonline.com/documents/FIPA%20Robert%20E.%20Heilman%20Award%20&%20Nomination%20Form.doc The John Parnell award serves to commemorate the tireless work of Dr. Parnell in furthering the knowledge of industrial pretreatment in the State of Florida. This award will be presented to a FIPA member for their significant contributions and outstanding assistance furthering the field of pretreatment and the FIPA organization. http://fipaonline.com/documents/FIPA%20John%20Parnell%20Award%20&%20Nomination%20Form.doc Previous Award Recipients: http://fipaonline.com/documents/FIPA%20Award%20History.pdf
Thank you for attending FIPA's Spring 2016 Training Courses and Workshop in Gainesville, Florida!  The event wouldn't have been successful without your support and participation.  Stay tuned for information coming soon on FIPA's next event, currently being planned for the end of October 2016 in southwest Florida.  We hope to see you there!