Pretreatment Communicator The Pretreatment Communicator is a semi-annual production of the Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association (FIPA). The Pretreatment Communicator encourages participation from its readers and any other individuals interested in pretreatment in the State of Florida.  Please submit any comments, ideas, or articles to Pretreatment Communicator c/o Mark Mathis, The Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association P.O. Box 1872 Windermere, Florida 34786-1872 or email to secretary@fipaonline.com.The Pretreatment Communicator reserves full editorial rights to all submissions. FIPA assumes no responsibility for the statements or opinions expressed in this newsletter. Views and information contained in this newsletter are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of FIPA.
THE BENIFITS OF FIPA The Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association (FIPA) is an organization for individuals who work in and/or are associated within the Industrial Pretreatment (IP) profession. IP is the removal, reduction, or alteration of pollutants in industrial wastewater prior to discharge or introduction into a domestic wastewater treatment facility. FIPA acts as a forum for our membership.FIPA is in a better position than any other organization in the State of Florida to help water professionals create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging industrial pretreatment needs. FIPA is at the forefront in connecting the broad community of water professionals around the state. Integrating the leading edge of professionals thought on research and practice, regulators and the regulated, across state boundaries and across the, wastewater disciplines. FIPA was incorporated in July of 2001. Through membership in FIPA, water professionals from many specialties benefit from the synergistic gains that result from collaboration across the boundaries of specialties, professions and various other organizations in the state. Through its network of experts in research, practice, regulation, consulting and manufacturing, FIPA can address the unique expressions of Florida challenges in communities throughout the state to create expanded knowledge and integrated, sustainable solutions.
FIPA offers training for Industrial Pretreatment and Oil & Grease Management The Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association (FIPA) will conduct training courses and exams for voluntary certifications in Industrial Pretreatment on specified dates.  The courses are open to industrial pretreatment professionals, laboratory personnel, and water/wastewater operators.  By completing the two day courses an individual may earn 1.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), issued through accredited organizations.
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